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Custom kitchen renovations that maximize storage

Having too little kitchen storage is one of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction for many North Vancouver homeowners. After all, meal prep is a frequent and busy time. Lack of storage makes it frustrating when you can’t find the tools you need or your countertops are congested with items you’re not using. It limits your ability to organize and interrupts your workflow. What is sometimes a difficult task is made even harder. 

There is a solution. Increase your kitchen’s functionality by maximizing its storage space. Kitchen renovation contractors use several unique and attractive designs to do this. Pull-out drawers, roll-out trays, floating shelves, and high shelving, are just a few examples. Any, or all of these, are achievable with a modern kitchen renovation.

How kitchen renovation contractors maximize storage space

  • Pull-out drawers with adjustable shelving
  • Floating shelves
  • High cabinets and shelving
  • Roll-out trays
  • Cabinet dividers and risers
  • Space-saving appliances

Many of these ideas make use of vertical space. Pull-out drawers with adjustable shelving are a great way to store several, differently sized cans, jars, bottles, and tools. Floating shelves don’t need to be supported by the floor so they let you take advantage of wall space.

High cabinets and high shelves are a great place to store items that are not used very often. This frees up your counters for prep space and daily-use items. Roll-out trays, cabinet dividers and risers give you quick and easy access to the entire space in your cupboards and drawers.

Additionally, space-saving appliances are ideal for smaller kitchens. Choose a compact stove, refrigerator and dishwasher to free up more space for valuable storage.

Don’t compromise beauty for functionality. Hire a professional kitchen renovations contractor in North Vancouver. Dreamy Renovation & Construction’s experts specialize in high-quality kitchen remodels that maximize space and look stunning.

Dreamy Renovation & Construction will design a kitchen that meets your storage needs and does it in style! Contact us today for a free quote! 604-906-2090