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Kitchen Condo Renovation Tips to Keep Strata Happy

Kitchen Condo Renovation Tips to Keep Strata Happy

Condo Renovations

Are you planning a condo kitchen renovation? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Read our tips on properly preparing for a kitchen condo renovation. From getting strata approval, deciding on layout and materials, clearing out the space, protecting other parts of your home from dust and debris, turning off utilities, and removing fixtures – we have all the tips you need to make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible. So don’t wait any longer – let’s get started!

Under BC’s Strata Property Act, an owner must obtain written approval before altering a strata lot. Adjoining walls, flooring, plumbing, and electrical are examples of items in a renovation requiring approval. In addition to the Act, each condo strata will have its own schedule of bylaws and approval process.

Planning your Kitchen Condo Renovation

  1. Review strata bylaws: Review the bylaws of your strata corporation to ensure that your renovation plans are in line with the rules and regulations set out in the bylaws. Frequently it is the Property Management Company who will act on behalf of the strata, so it would be good to talk to your condo strata management company before you start
  2. Obtain strata council approval: Most strata corporations require owners to obtain approval from the strata council before starting any renovation work. Submit a written request for approval and provide detailed plans and specifications for the proposed work.
    Some councils require highly detailed information on every stage of your condo kitchen renovation demolition; removal of existing cabinets and appliances; non-structural wall removal to open kitchen to the living room; installation of kitchen island; new appliances and cabinetry; painting walls; new flooring; new electrical; use existing plumbing.  
  3. Be prepared to be flexible with regard to ventilation, plumbing and electrical for your condo kitchen renovation, as bylaws or restrictions must be adhered to
  4. Hire a licensed contractor: Ensure that the condo renovation contractor you hire is licensed and insured and that they are familiar with the Strata Property Act and the bylaws of your strata corporation.
  5. Comply with building codes and standards: The renovation work must comply with all applicable building codes and standards, including fire safety, electrical safety, and accessibility requirements.
  6. Notify neighbors: Inform your neighbors about the renovation work, including the start and end dates and any potential disruptions to their living conditions.
  7. Obtain permits: Obtain any necessary permits from the local government, including building permits and electrical permits.
  8. Insure the work: Obtain liability insurance coverage to protect yourself and your strata corporation against any damage or injury that may occur during the renovation work.
  9. Record Everything with photos: A final tip is to create a Photo journal from the start to the finish of your kitchen condo renovation. Capture every stage of the renovation to provide an accurate visual record of the original condo, the steps taken, and the work completed – This information will be valuable for the strata council, and also for the final approval.

Prepping for your Kitchen Condo Renovation

  • Clear the kitchen: Remove all the items from the kitchen, including the cabinets, countertops, and appliances.
  • Protect the rest of your home: Cover the floors and furniture with plastic sheets to protect them from dust and debris.
  • Turn off utilities: Turn off electricity, gas, and water supplies to the kitchen to ensure safety during the renovation.
  • Remove fixtures: Remove light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and electrical outlets.
  • Remove walls or cabinets: If you plan to remove walls or cabinets, consult with a professional contractor to ensure structural integrity.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your kitchen condo renovation project complies with the Strata Property Act in British Columbia, is approved by your condo Strata and runs smoothly.