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New Railings – What to Consider When Shopping

New Railings – What to Consider When Shopping

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Are you looking to add new railings to your home? If so, there are several important factors to consider in order to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. From determining the purpose of the railings and considering their location to selecting a durable material and finding a style that complements your home – these key considerations can help you find the perfect railings for your property. Read on for more details about what you should remember when shopping for new railings!

Purpose: Determine the purpose of the new railings. 

Whether you’re looking to add safety and security, or want to enhance the aesthetic of your home, it’s important to have a clear idea of what purpose the railings will serve before you begin shopping. If they are being used for safety then make sure they meet local building codes and that the materials used are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. For purely decorative purposes, think about how the railings fit in with your existing decor theme and any other outdoor features like fences or decks.

Location: Consider the location of the new railings. 

Consider where the railing will be located on your property.  If you plan on having them installed near stairs, balconies or walkways, make sure that there is adequate spacing between each panel so as not to create an obstruction when walking through. It’s also essential to take into account how much sun exposure these areas get throughout the day as this can affect which material will work best in those circumstances – metal may need more frequent maintenance if exposed too often while wood may start warping due to moisture build-up caused by rainwater runoff from nearby roofs and gutters. If installed on a deck it is recommended that non-slip strips be added at least every four feet so guests can safely navigate around without fear of slipping off wet surfaces during inclement weather conditions.

Material: Choose a material that is durable and suitable for your needs. 

When selecting the material for your new railings it’s important to consider how long-lasting and weather resistant they will be. Wood is a popular option due to its natural beauty but can require regular maintenance such as staining or sealing if exposed to moisture too often, while metal railings are durable enough to withstand even the most extreme climates with minimal upkeep. Vinyl railing systems are becoming increasingly popular due their low cost and easy installation process – plus they come in a variety of colors and styles so you can match them perfectly with the existing theme of your home. Finally, glass panels are an elegant choice that offers unobstructed views while still providing protection from falls – however, these tend to be more expensive than other materials so make sure you have a budget in mind before making any decisions.

Style: Consider the style of your home and choose railings that complement it. 

Style: Find a style that complements your home’s overall look.  Once you’ve determined which material best suits your needs it’s time to select the perfect style for your new railing system! When looking at various designs try and think about how each one might fit into both exterior and interior decor themes in order to create harmony between all elements of your property. For example, ornate wrought iron balusters may provide safety on staircases but could clash with modern furnishings inside – whereas wooden spindles may offer a more traditional feel that would blend better with rustic interiors or outdoor landscaping features like trees or shrubs. Additionally, don’t forget about color palettes when deciding on styling options as this is another key factor which should not be overlooked when trying to achieve cohesive design aesthetics throughout your entire home environment


It’s important to set a realistic budget when choosing your new railings. Depending on the material and style you select, prices can range from extremely affordable to high-end luxury – so be sure to consider all factors before making any final decisions. A great way of staying within budget is by comparing different pricing options online or shopping around for deals at local home improvement stores. Additionally, if cost is an issue then DIY installations are always an option as long as safety guidelines are followed correctly and all necessary tools are available prior to beginning the project. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the materials used meet industry standards and provide adequate protection against falls while also possessing a pleasing aesthetic value that will enhance the overall look of your property’s exterior!


Once you have found the perfect railings for your home it’s important to consider how much maintenance they will require over time. While some materials are virtually maintenance free (such as vinyl and aluminum), others like wood, may need regular sanding, staining and sealing in order to keep them looking pristine. Metal railing systems should be checked regularly for rust spots or other signs of corrosion which could lead to accidents if not treated promptly. Additionally, glass panels or balusters may need a periodic cleaning with special solutions recommended by the manufacturer in order to stay clear and streak-free throughout the year. Taking into account all these aspects before committing to any one product can help ensure that your new railings remain safe, attractive and durable for years to come! 


Safety is always a top priority when it comes to railings, so make sure you choose materials that are designed for both strength and stability. If you have children or pets at home then consider the height of your railings in relation to their size – short panels may not provide enough protection against falls while tall ones could restrict visibility and be difficult for them to climb over in an emergency situation. Additionally, look out for special features like handrails which can offer additional support or anti-slip surfaces for improved grip, as these can ensure maximum safety without compromising on style. Finally, check with local building regulations to make sure that all building codes have been met before installation begins – this will help avoid costly mistakes down the line!


Finally , the installation process should be taken into consideration when selecting new railings for your home. This will depend on the material and style chosen, as well as any local regulations that may need to be followed – so it’s important to research these beforehand. Some materials can easily be installed by a DIYer while others require professional railing installation help or special tools in order to ensure they are securely mounted and meet all safety standards. If you do decide to hire an installer then make sure they have experience with this type of project and get references from past customers to verify their quality of work before signing anything! Additionally, double check that all necessary permits have been obtained prior to beginning construction in order to avoid running into legal issues later on down the line. Taking all these steps can help guarantee that your new railing system is installed correctly and looks great for years ahead! 


Finally, it’s important to look into the warranty offered by your chosen manufacturer before making a purchase. A good quality railing system should come with a guarantee that promises protection against defects in material and workmanship for at least 10 years. This will help ensure you have peace of mind when it comes time to replace any damaged parts or repair any issues that may arise over time. Additionally, some manufacturers offer additional benefits such as free installation services and extended warranties on certain products – so make sure you inquire about these options if available! Taking all these factors into account can help provide assurance that your new railings will remain safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing throughout their lifespan – giving you added value for your investment while also providing an extra layer of security around your home.

Overall, there are many important things to consider when choosing new railings for your home – from design aesthetics and budget constraints through safety guidelines and installation methods. However, with some careful research and planning you can find the perfect option which meets both practical needs as well as aesthetic desires without compromising either one’s quality or value. Whether you opt for metal spindles, wood panels or glass balusters – taking a few extra minutes now could save time (and money) later on down the road! Remember: although stylish designs may seem tempting at first glance it’s always wise to choose functional materials over fashionable ones if safety is a priority – after all, there’s nothing worse than splurging on something only for it not serve its intended purpose due poor craftsmanship or substandard components! Take time researching different options online before making any final decisions in order stay informed about what each product offers regarding features such as durability, cost-effectiveness and maintenance requirements – this way you can rest assured knowing your investment was worth every penny spent!