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Should I be adding railings to my new deck design?

Should I be adding railings to my new deck design?

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Add railings to your new deck after considering these two things: building codes and aesthetics.

Building codes & safety

Building codes and by-laws exist to keep people safe. All forms of construction and renovation are governed by these. 

It may be that your deck requires railing to be installed, for instance, if it is over a certain height above the ground.

If you are adding railings yourself, familiarise yourself with BC’s building regulations as well as Vancouver’s city by-laws. If you are hiring a professional contractor, ensure they are up-to-date with the codes, by-laws and other pertinent information related to deck design and railing construction for your area. The BC Codes are set to be updated near the end of this year, so new information will have to be assimilated when they come into effect.


After codes are satisfied, aesthetics are one of the primary reasons a homeowner adds railings to their new deck.

A new deck can look naked or empty without railings. It might be harder to place furniture or accessories without a described area. Trying to set out chairs and tables might feel a bit scattershot or haphazard.

Railings help define a deck and give a sense of cohesiveness to an outdoor space that is both pleasing and satisfying. They also let you take advantage of upward space, giving you places to hang planter boxes and decorations. And if you desire a bit of privacy while enjoying your new deck, a railing is the perfect addition to keep prying eyes out while creating a cosy, comfortable area in which to relax and socialise. On the other hand, if you have a magnificent view that you want access to, there are options, like glass railing, that are strong, durable and won’t interfere with your view at all.

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