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Remodeling a Condo: Pros and Cons of Condo Wall Removal

Remodeling a Condo: Pros and Cons of Condo Wall Removal

Condo Renovations

Looking to remodel your condo? Here’s what you need to know about wall removal first! From soundproofing to support columns, discover the pros and cons of taking down a wall in a condo.

Inspect Building Components

Before you start any condo wall removal project, it’s important to assess the building components involved. Make sure you ask your contractor to inspect for any possible support columns and beams or electrical wiring that may be present on the wall. It’s common in condos for plumbing, gas lines, and electrical components to run through walls — or worse, live wires may be connected directly to the wall interior. Removing a wall with any of these elements could potentially cause damage and disruption to other units in the building. Be safe, and make sure to assess for these potential problems before beginning your project.

Assess the Functions of Partition Walls

When looking at partition walls, it’s essential to understand the purpose of these walls. Some are designed for soundproofing purposes, while others may contribute to the structural integrity of your condo. Before taking down any wall, compare it to those around it and ask yourself how important its removal is for the remodeling project. Removing a condo soundproofing wall can leave you disrupting other units in the building and cause excessive noise within your own living space. Make sure you carefully consider if these factors are worth the update before moving forward.

Identify Support Framing and Columns

Before you get started with wall removal, take a closer look into your condo walls first. If removing a particular wall requires additional structural support, you need to identify the support framing and columns behind it. In some cases, column/collar ties are typically used in load-bearing walls. So make sure that there’s enough support for the wall you’re taking down and that you don’t accidentally weaken the overall structure of your condo building.

Factor in Labor Costs

After you’ve taken a closer look at the condo walls you’re considering removing, it’s time to move on to the labor cost. How much is it currently going to cost you to hire a professional contractor to take down this wall? Ensure this cost is driven by what the updated space can offer, not just aesthetics. It might cost more than you think, as some walls require extra attention or specialized tools during removal. Ultimately, factor in these costs and decide if you can afford it before making a decision.

Evaluate Soundproofing Requirements

Before considering a condo wall removal project, it’s essential to evaluate your soundproofing requirements. In condos, there are often shared walls between units that must be kept soundproofed. If you remove a wall and don’t replace it with proper soundproofing, the lingering noise may violate building regulations or disrupt your neighbors. Additionally, if you decide to add an internal soundproofing wall post-removal, then the space created by removing the old wall may become impossible to utilize due to its reduced size. If you want to improve soundproofing within your condo, are there more cost-effective solutions, such as wall hangings, audio blankets, or soundproof curtains, that an interior designer can help you with?

Obtain strata council approval before starting a condo wall removal.

Under BC’s Strata Property Act, an owner must obtain written approval before altering a strata lot. Most strata corporations require owners to obtain approval from the strata council before starting any renovation work. Submit a written request for approval and provide detailed plans and specifications for the proposed work. Some councils require highly detailed information on your condo’s non-structural wall removal and will expect all the above factors to have been reviewed and included in the proposal of works

In conclusion, condo wall removal can be a great way to remodel your condo and make it more spacious. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before you decide to take this route. We hope this article has helped you understand the pros and cons of condo wall removal better. If you need help with condo wall removal, click here to find out how we can help!